My Personality Type Evaluation : Psychology, Social Work, And Teaching

801 Words Dec 7th, 2015 4 Pages
Personality Type Evaluation My personality type is ENFJ, which is the most common type according to the description. I was 22% extravert, 12% intuitive, 9% feeling, and 22% judging. This personality type people are drawn to by our charisma. Through our interpersonal skill we are able to convince people to what we want. We are helpers and able to handle multiple responsibilities. ENFJ’s are organized in terms of thought and can come to conclusions more quickly than other personality types. We often put others needs before ourselves, tending to take on too many of peoples burdens. The career options that best fit with the ENFJ personality are counseling, psychology, social work, and teaching. We do best in careers where we are able to use our interpersonal skills. It is the personality type that can have a successful career in a variety of different jobs. These results open your mind to other career options that could be satisfying to you based on your personality. Teaching is something that has interested me, based on my personality that could be a good and fulfilling fit for me. I can even incorporate my current major with teaching and be able to use my personality traits to my advantage. The results that I received from the personality test I will use to help guide me in a future career choice. I am going to consider my personality and how I can see it fitting into my different career options. In a veterinary career my personality could help me with understanding the…

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