My Personality Through Online Questionaries And Interviews With My Parents

1409 Words Jan 30th, 2016 null Page
In preparation for my personal entrepreneurship statement, I evaluated my own personality and characteristics and also had those close to me evaluate my personality through online questionaries and interviews with my parents. The instruments that I used were the Myers-Briggs Indicator and two questionaries from The Authentic Happiness Project at the University of Pennsylvania. These tests were very interesting because I saw a lot of similarities between the results, giving me great insight on my characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. I thought the Myers-Briggs Indicator was definitely the most insightful test because it gave a very in-depth analysis of my personality. While the other two tests did offer some insight into my personality, I felt that the results were not as well explained and extensive as the Myers-Briggs Indicator. The information that I received from my Mom and Dad was also very insightful as they are the two people in my life that know me best. From gathering this information I found many similarities and felt like I was able to gauge a better understanding of my personality characteristics.

II. Insights from this exercise: The Myers-Briggs Indicator told me that I was an ISFJ, known as the “defender”. ISFJ’s are “often meticulous to the point of perfectionism, they take their responsibilities personally, consistently going above and beyond, and doing everything they can to exceed expectations and delight others” (ISFJ Personality). My…

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