Essay on My Personality And How It Affects My Work Ethic And Behavior

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This paper will discuss my personality types and how it affects my work ethic and behavior. During the first section I will discuss my personal insights, values and attitude insights, motivation insights, decision making insights and other attributes of my personality. This section will cover who I am and what I am. The second section will cover my abilities to work with others. Specifically I will discuss my communication, leadership, team, and power and conflict skills. The third section with discuss my abilities to work within an organization. I will discuss my organization structure, careers, and change and stress. I will discuss how this personality assessment has provided me with answers to the reasons I behave and react the way that I do. I will discuss specifically how the results describe me and compare them to my current field of work. The final portion of this paper will discuss my relationship with God and how the Holy Spirit has worked in my life to make me the person I am and to place me in the position that I am.

Project 2
Part 1 What About Me?
Personality Insights When taking the self-assessment for my basic personality I scored moderate in all categories except conscientiousness, which I scored very high in. I feel that I am extroverted, agreeable, conscientious, emotionally stable, and open to experience. I feel that I scored very high in the conscientious category because I consider myself to be responsible, dependable and goal oriented. I…

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