My Personal Wellness: My Response To Stress

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Introduction When I think about my personal wellness, I think it ebbs and flows. Right now when I feel very happy and stable, I feel as if most of the areas are functioning very well. There are times, though, when I get really stressed out and anxious. In those times, my anxiety makes me think these areas are lacking substantially. The area that needs the most personal bettering is the emotional piece, because that is where my response to stress is as well as my anxiety. My response to stress is not always the greatest, and my anxiety makes me believe the other areas are failing.
Response to Stress I have come a long way with how I respond to stressful situations. In high school (specifically my junior and senior year), I put a lot of pressure
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There are many acts of self-care that I can do that better other areas of wellness that would in turn improve my emotional wellness. For example, I feel more able to deal with stress and anxiety when I am exercising, eating healthy, not worried about bills, and socializing with family and friends. These acts almost act as a buffer to my stress because even things I would normally worry about seem to not make me as worked up if I am balancing other areas of my wellness. I am hoping to start going skiing (and possibly snowboarding) this winter as an activity that would better me physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually! I love being outside in peaceful environments and having a clear mind. I often don’t allow myself to have too many hobbies as I have this thought that it will take away from time that I could be doing schoolwork. Although school is important, balancing other aspects of my life will help me better myself overall. To better my emotional wellness specifically, I think I need to accept myself and be more confident in what I do. I tend to overthink and worry which leads to the stress and panic, so I think these could really benefit

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