My Personal Values And Beliefs Essay

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My Values and beliefs are important for me to know when working in the field because it help me to set boundary for myself. Knowing my values help me to set limits on what kind of client I’ll be able to work with, and who I’ll have a problem communicating with. It is necessary to know your values because it would soothe the tension between you and the client, and help you learn to keep a professional relationship between you two. For me to understand my values better, I always look into my family background, where I came from, and my religious belief. My years exposed to certain things, and never been exposed to another have shaped how I viewed life, and how I see people. I spent my early childhood in Haiti, and having spent those years in a completely different environment had a huge impact on my life here in the United States. If I spent childhood in the United States, I would have met different cultures and see diversity among people, but in Haiti I was around the same group of people. Even when I got here in the United States I was not exposed to a lot of things my age. Growing up in a Haitian household, my mom did not watch the news or kept up with the next big story so I grew up with little knowledge about the world and about how people are different in the aspect of their race, sexual orientation, gender expression etc.
The six core values of the Social Work Profession is competence, dignity and worth of the person, importance of human relationships, integrity,…

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