My Personal Understanding Of A Nurse Practitioner Essay

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As the baby boomers advance in age and the healthcare system insures more individuals, under the Affordable Care Act, the amount of individuals seeking care continues to be on the rise. This large influx of patients in both primary and acute care has increased the demand on physicians to see more patients, often more than they can handle. The movement for increase nurse practitioners (NPs) in the arena can assist physicians in lightening the load while also giving cost effective quality care. Collaborating with physicians, according to one article, will reduce waiting times, improve prescribing processes, care, lower cost, and increase work satisfaction for both NPs and physicians (Schadewaldt, McInnes, Hiller, & Gardner, 2013).
My Personal Understanding
As a nurse practitioner, I envision myself in a primary care setting providing care for those affected by both acute and chronic conditions with my focus on preventive care equally as significant. During this process, my goal is to develop a rapport with each patient keeping in mine their cultural views and literacy levels. Establishing trust, respect, and understanding will enhance my ability to provide receptive care in which the patient can positively respond to. Taking the time to listen to their difficulties, symptoms, and concerns will enable to me to determine the barriers and remodel their plan of care so that it may fit their unique being and way of life. The most essential aspect of nursing care, more…

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