My Personal Statement On The Queen 's Commerce Program Essay

1034 Words Nov 30th, 2015 null Page
Personal Purpose Statement: My personal purpose statement for my time here at Queen’s as discovered in Journal One, “I aspire to appreciate a meaningful, self respecting and challenging journey with the Queen’s Commerce Program in which I am passionate about the opportunities for my personal growth and development of connections to my school, professors and colleagues, while expanding my knowledge and improving my personal skills, which I will carry forward as a starting point for my future,” remains an honest expression of my intentions. My experiences within the program to date have enhanced my personal awareness of these values and goals by having the opportunity to grow independently. Specifically, I am appreciating the challenges, as they are contributing to my meaning as a student and I am now increasingly conscious of the benefits of accepting them with a growth mindset. I have also reflected on my progress on making these desired connections and acknowledge the value they add to my life, and I wish to further pursue deeper connections. I would like to expand my personal statement to encourage the upholding of an optimistic and positive outlook while achieving these goals, as this will contribute to mine and my colleagues’ personal health as well as to making the most of the limited time we have to share with Queen’s. The significance of this discovery became evident when I reflected how easily the tone of a conversation or meeting is set by the most prominent members…

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