My Personal Statement On The Field Of Education

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As I move through my final year of high school the time has come that I have to decide what I want to major in. There are many options to choose from, but I need to decide on a major that gives me joy, that I am gifted in, that will benefit others. I believe that the field of education meets all of these requirements. I have always been eager to help others in anyway that I can and to bestow my knowledge upon others. Some might say that a good education won’t change the world, but I believe it will. Teaching gives knowledge to the leaders of tomorrow. I truly love guiding others down the road to success. Teaching and helping others are sources of joy for me. When I am assisting others in whatever it may be, I feel as a sense of joy solely …show more content…
Education leads to success for all. By teaching I am giving my knowledge to others and giving them the gift of knowledge. Not only students benefit from being taught, everyone does. Through a student’s education everyone benefits. For example, an educated person might be able to make a groundbreaking discovery that benefits everyone because they have been given the gift of an education. I believe by teaching I am benefiting everyone. I am educating the youth that will one day be the leaders, doctors, teachers,etc. of this country. I believe that teaching is a type of love and a self-gift because by teaching I am devoting myself to others and giving them my knowledge that has been gifted to me by God. Through teaching I am able to help instill others with wisdom. When teaching I hope that aside from books, I am able to teach others to share their talents with others. I want to be able to teach children essential values that will help them in their everyday lives. I am sharing my talents in teaching in hopes that those I teach will share their talents with others in return. Everyone was gifted with different talents and we need to share our talents with others. I know that when teaching I will come across people, both children and parents, that will find education useless. In these times where people do not appreciate what I am doing, I will ask God for the courage to continue doing what I love. Through teaching I hope to teach to the values of life and how to interact with others which is needed in order for society to grow and flourish. Overall, I believe people around me really do need my gift of teaching because through teaching I will be leading others to be successful. I truly believe that the people around me need the gift of knowledge in order to help them flourish and achieve their

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