My Personal Statement On Self Description Essay

1062 Words Nov 19th, 2016 5 Pages
What seemed a simple theme, it proved really intriguing. How should I begin this essay? I start to write, I delete, nothing seems to make sense. I never described myself, maybe because I don’t want to be judged or perhaps I am afraid to start, realizing that without a proper introduction, my essay about self-description would be a vain attempt. I am…what exactly? Perhaps a pale face with deepened dark circles and two green eyes? Or to answer this existential question, I should just list my name, my nationality, my religion, my weight, my height, my profession? However, all these don’t represent my identity. And yet, who am I?
The answer can be found inside me, not around me. Therefore, I am a complex baggage of emotions, frustrations, forbidden feelings and misunderstood experiences.
There were days when I didn’t feel like myself; I was a pile of flesh and bone glue together as if God had forgotten to instill life to its creation. There was a time when I wandered into the country of nowhere, hanging by a thread at the end of the world. Exhausted, with the knees broken down, I felt like a storehouse of memories, thoughts, questions that I tried to give a purpose. In fact, I felt lost, I didn’t know who I am.
A while ago, a good friend of mine, told me that happiness comes from accepting the answers we give ourselves. At that time, I didn’t apprehend my friend, later on I come to the conclusion happiness is not offered only by one person, but a collection of people,…

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