My Personal Statement On Personal Values Essay

759 Words Oct 5th, 2016 4 Pages
To start I will talk about my top seven personal values; what they are, how I define them, and where they came from. In addition to my personal values I will discuss the Social Work Core Values and how they coincide with my values. Out of my values the first few derive from similar aspects, and these include Integrity, Excellence, and Respect. The first value of Integrity is easily defined as being honest and doing what is right, even when no one is looking. Excellence refers to being a lifelong learner, striving to do the best in everything and improving any aspects of life in relation to the learning. The next value of Respect not only includes respect for others it also refers to the respect for oneself. Respect for oneself is having the confidence in one’s own ability in all professional, personal and societal aspects. Respect for others can be described as showing admiration or an understanding, and also openness, to others position, beliefs, and abilities. These values of Integrity, Excellence, and Respect all derived from my upbringing in the military. Ever since I was young and even today with my being in the Air Force Reserves, I was distilled with these among the core values of the Air Force; these core values are Excellence in all we do, Integrity, and Service before self; many of my values branch from these values. Following these values comes that of Openness, which is my willingness to explore and experience new ideas and cultures. Another value is…

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