Essay on My Personal Statement On Online Learning

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Learning something new has always been frightening to me. I’ve only learned in a traditional classroom setting, so I knew online learning would take discipline. Through the years, family and close friends would encourage me to go back to school to finish my degree, but I never could fit school into my hectic schedule.

After talking with my classmate, I began to visualize how important it was to finish my four year degree. I decided to submit the application and all the necessary documents to Bethel University. Two days later, I remember speaking with one of the recruiters, taking a deep breath before answering the phone. I recall the conversation being one of the most important decisions I 've ever made. My heart was racing because I was excited and eager to start this new journey.

Online learning is very flexible for the working class individuals. I 'm allowed to sit in my Betty Boop pajamas and eat pizza while typing this homework assignment. Having access to my virtual classroom 24 hours a day is a plus for me. I can start and take a break whenever I want. Time management is the key to being successful in an online setting.

Looking back at my childhood, I found traditional classrooms to be rather boring. Sitting by the window would be my first preference. Watching the birds fly by chirping on a sunny day, would be more fascinating than listening to the same monotone voice of my teachers. Unlike online classes, traditional classrooms have a certain time frame for…

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