My Personal Statement On My Life Essay

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It was a dark sky with beautiful stars. I was staring at the sky and thinking about my future… after all the obstacles that I have faced. I lost Ultima, which was really a burden for me.
My mom wants me to become a priest and help the society. My dad wants me to be uneducated man and just play with those horses and be a vaquero.
So, I thought this is the time to continue education and achieve my mother’s goal and my dream. I went straight to my mom, and said “I decided to continue my education mom… It was already 3 years of waste. I want complete my senior year first and move forward.”
“Are you serious Antonio,” Mother said with a smile on her face.
“Yup... I want to go to my Uncle’s place to continue my education. So, I don’t have any distractions and problems,” I said.
“That’s fine, but you have to ask your father also,” Mother said. “I will ask him! Don’t worry mom... I know he wants me to stop education. I am tired of his discouragement,” Antonio Said. “It is just his opinion Antonio. You don’t have to be that serious. He is your father..,” Mother said. “I am not serious. I always treat and respect equally,” Antonio said with anger in his face.
Antonio mom leaves his room…
I went straight to my dad to discuss about my future plans. I knew he wouldn’t like my plans. But, he never forced me to do things that I don’t like. “Hello Dad! I would like to talk about my future plans with you,” Antonio said with smile on his face.
“That’s fine my son! Tell me what you would…

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