My Personal Statement On My Life Essay

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I began my WOOP by identifying my wish, a wish that I really have been trying to conquer for a while. I want to be able to talk to my boyfriend, or even best friends, openly about things that bother me. I wanted to be able to communicate with them without the fear of being judged or questioned for how I felt. The outcome that I kept in my mind was the bettering of our relationship and strengthening our trust. I truly took my time to think about how much this could benefit us and how good it would be for our future. The obstacle section of this exercise is what really gets to me; there are many obstacles for me and just thinking of one was starting to hurt my optimism. My biggest obstacle is I assume that they are going to get mad at me for feeling a different way than they do. I assume they are going to tell me my feelings and thoughts are wrong. Now it was time to think of a plan, one that would help me get past this mental obstacle I was facing. To think that after so many years of struggling to speak up for my beliefs and thoughts that all it could take was a “plan.” This thought process was extremely inspiring to me, and I was going to do my best to overcome my struggle and make this wish come true, whether it would be partially or complete.
The first article I read called “Using mental contrasting with implementation intentions to self-regulate insecurity-based behaviors in relationships,” actually made me laugh a little because the scenarios they were giving sounded…

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