My Personal Statement On My Life Essay

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Have you ever been so attached to something that it kills you to be without it for more than a day? Well let me tell you about the love of my life, my bed. My bed belonged to my grandmother who has been the most important person in my life. I wanted something that would remind me of her everynight before I went to sleep. It may sound weird to people who have their own rooms, their own apartments, their own space, but my bed holds a lot of meaning because it 's an heirloom, it 's a safety zone, and it 's the only place in the whole house that is mine.
My bed lets me have the opportunity to have my own space. Unfortunately i 'm the only girl in my house. I live with five of my brothers and my dad, so finding a place where i can do work and relax is hard. Everywhere I go there 's boys yelling about who is better in basketball or who has the better shoes. When I go to my bed I feel like I can get away from this man cave that is my home. I can do my homework on my bed and i can also relax in my bed. My bed is the place where I feel like I 'm at peace with myself. Most sixteen year old girls have their own rooms, and have a whole room to call their own. I have a bed in a room that I share with my brother. I do not come from the wealthiest family. But i am very thankful for my bed. Although I share a room with my brother, I imagine that every time i am on my bed that i am in my own world where i can do whatever I want. I 'm in a world where I 'm a normal sixteen year old…

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