My Personal Statement On My Life Essay

744 Words Oct 10th, 2016 3 Pages
Because I have dedicated my life to basketball, that comes to mind first in my brand audit but, more importantly are the lessons I picked up from playing. Even though I was the youngest in the gym I was not treated any different then anyone. For example, as a kid playing adults I learned about hard work because I had to practice or else I wouldn’t play. In fact, that’s what I did and soon they all wanted me on their team. Also, basketball taught me to appreciate my blessings, especially after 8th grade when I got selected to Simeon while my friends went to a high school in the ghetto. Because of that, I saw how blessed I was so taking advantage of opportunities became important to me and is now part of my brand. Last, I am proud to be black and that is key to my brand because inner city kids need positive influences and I want to be that positive influences that changes lives. That said, I Googled myself and was happy that my search visibility was high but, to me, that was both good and bad. For the good, hundreds of things came up on Google, which is obviously great for my brand because it was all positive and it means my name is out there. However, it was bad because everything was Isaiah Moss the basketball player, not Isaiah Moss the person. That worries me because I want the values I learned from basketball to define my brand, not basketball itself. Since that isn’t the case, it seems like basketball has diluted my brand. Fortunately, though, changing that is in my…

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