Essay My Personal Statement On My Life

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Growing up, my father, choosing his addiction to drugs over his daughter, left me with a feeling of neglect. I felt the constant desire to demonstrate that I was worth his time and attention. Instead, when significant events in my life arose there were always excuses as to why he could not make it. I became motivated to succeed due to this rejection which helped shape me into the dedicated, diligent and over-achieving person that I am today. Though I endured some hardships I found that perseverance and a modification of my outlook allowed me to surpass my previous capabilities. The instances that elicited the modification of my behavior stemmed from my early college years, my experience at Sonoma State University and also at pharmacy technician school. Each of these transitions brought on challenges that would strengthen me emotionally and mentally.
I had always been a student who strove to achieve honors in classes while consistently performing at my highest capacity. However, in my early years of college, my strong will to succeed had diminished. It became difficult to remain on task when I worked up to thirteen hours while concurrently attending courses. I needed to reflect internally to identify the cause of the decline. Once I did, the predicament became clear that I had been striving for my father’s commendation for so long, that when it was not being received I no longer had a motivating factor. Recognizing my fault, I readjusted my thinking, strove to improve myself…

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