My Personal Statement On My Life Essay

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them if they knew someone that could help me fill out the 501(c)3 form. They told me that they knew someone and would help me and help me with the cost of it and the lawyer fees. I told them I’m either doing this or I’m going back to school.
During this time Satan got after me again. I remember my dog of eight years got heart worms and where I’m from dogs don’t recover from that. I prayed and I doubled up on her heartworm meds and even asked my grandparent to pray and to this day she is heartworm free. God showed me during this time that He does answer my prayers. Also I tried to get back into dating again and was talking to a girl that I dated in high school. One day as we were driving playing the question game. She asked me do I think I will be the same person to day for the rest of my life. I told her I don’t know. I can‘t even answer that but I hope to not be the same. I hope to be more Christ like. At moment undenounced to me, my house got struck by lightning! My family called me and told and I told them to go and get my dog. It took me a while to get to my house because it’s out in the country. When I got there almost my whole family was there with the fire department and a got bit of damage done because of the lightning. My dog was okay. I just started laughing! Because I Knew that Satan was attacking me and he did not win. It was nothing but about seventeen thousand dollars’ worth of damage, glad I had insurance! But this helped me to see that…

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