My Personal Statement On My Life Essay

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Nothing in life can be achieved if we don’t believe in ourselves. Throughout my life, I have struggled to learn the way my classmates learn; it took me a lot longer to learn certain topics than others. During third grade my parents and teachers decided to put me in a smaller class with two teachers to guide me out. At first I was Ambiguous what was happening but I then began to feel as if I wasn’t wise enough, and that feeling brought me down. I would always compare myself to my friends, but I never told them about my struggles I had with school because then I would feel the need to compete with them. My teachers would always tell me I could do anything as long as I tried my best. Even when I gave it my all, I continued to struggle, but I never gave up. I did whatever it took to do better in my overall academics, from studying harder, trying to stay focused more, and asking for help when I needed it.

My father has also struggled in school not because of academics wise, but because of family issues. My father never got the chance to experience high school in his life because of the fact that his father was very ill at the time. His mother did not work either because she was taking care of his father every day. On that note, my father dropped out of school to support his family. Whereas, my mother struggled the most in school just like I have, she needed all the help she could get and she never gave up. She still made it through high school and took a trade school class, and…

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