Essay on My Personal Statement On My Life

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When I was 14 years of age, four people I trusted raped me. I knew I had no business being with them, but I wanted to hang out for a while. I had little to no structure. My mom always wanted me inside. I got tired of being in the house all the time. There was nothing to do at home. All I could do was watch TV and sleep. My mom and her boyfriend were always drinking, drugging, arguing, and physically fighting. That is not a good environment for a child to grow up. This made me feel unsafe and uncomfortable. I began to resent my mother for not being a mother to me. I felt neglected and unloved. My mom never had money to do things with me. Her drug and drinking habit always took precedence over what I needed and wanted. I had to wash my clothing on my hands. I never remember a time when my mom went to a laundromat. It was quite miserable. If they bought anything new, such as a TV or VCR, I could not enjoy it for more than a week because it came up missing. Needless to say, they pawned anything of value to get drugs. I was always ashamed to have company at my house because I knew there would be an argument or a fight. I never had sleepovers for that very reason. I tried to spend as much time at my grandmother’s house as possible. I hated being with my mom. I prayed for someone to rescue me. Where was Children and Family Services when I needed them?
Going to school was the absolute worst. The children constantly ridiculed me for my “thrift store” clothing. Honestly, my wardrobe…

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