My Personal Statement On My Life Essay

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on," I say over and over in my head, forcing myself to believe it as I walk away from here. And eventually I do.

Flashback 6 I 've been missing for three months. I was living out in the wilderness until two days ago. I 'm getting ready to head on the plane to Syria. Once I 'm in Syria I won 't have this problem of having to hide, because no one will know me. I had my identity changed, a fake ID and a fake passport with extra money so I could buy my plane ticket and whatever else I need. My hair is now blonde and my face is covered in so much makeup, no one will notice me. I 'm at the airport and I 'm sitting in the area of seats near my gate. I can 't help but think I 'm almost free from everything. I can finally live my life in peace. I sit, looking around until something on the TV catches my attention. Its a newscast about me, I listen in trying to look like I don’t care too much. It says: "A young girl named Ella Walters went missing three months ago. She had run away from Ronda, Oklahoma. She is approximately five feet, eight inches, and one hundred thirty pounds. Her latest foster family is in prison for abuse to more than one foster child. If anyone knows anything about Ella Walters or the situation with the Ron and Debra Block, her last foster family, please contact this number on the screen," says the woman carefully. A number fills the screen and I shake my head, No one 'll need that number. I think snidely. "Imagine how scared she must be," says a man a few…

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