My Personal Statement On My Experience Essay

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Sequence keeps my daily life balanced. I need to put things that have to be done into categories. Daily, I plan and think out the steps to accomplish my task. I feel secure knowing I haven’t missed anything. I also, flourish on be being well organized in my everyday life. My routine is always the same, from the time I wake up in the morning until my arrival back home. I need my life and work space in order, which helps me think clearly.

Precision keeps me focused and thinking. At work and in my personal life, I always challenge information or statements I feel are incorrect. I will ask many questions to get the information I need to prove that I am right. Also, I will memorize new information I have learned. I love to share my new knowledge with others. I think that knowing the details means I am smart and I am frustrated by incorrect facts.

Technical Reasoning:
My Technical Reasoning kicks in when I have to solve a problem and figure out things quickly. But if something needs to be repaired or put together at home, it usually takes me days to get to it. I talk about doing projects but rarely get to them. I don’t care how things work, just as long as they do. I am not fearful of not completing the task nor am I uncomfortable with tools, I just don’t care to.

I am not usually a risk taker, but if a situation arises and I need to be, I jump right in. Working in a Beauty Salon, I sometimes find myself in a position where I need to think out…

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