My Personal Statement On God Essay

715 Words Feb 2nd, 2016 3 Pages
God calls each and everyone of us to become great and mighty vessels so He can use us to better and to grow His kingdom. For some, God calls them to become teachers or doctors. For others, God calls them to become dentist or musicians. For myself, God has called me to ministry, in the form of a pastor. With my calling, to ministry, comes the responsibility of deciding who I want to reach, what ministry looks like to those I wish to reach, as well as how God reveals Himself to those I wish to reach. Each and every person that steps into my church will have needs, expectations and questions, and I trust that through God and the wisdom I gain, I will be able to meet those needs, expectations and answer as best as I can. With my ministry, I envision reaching those who are anywhere from the age of a young adult to an elder. I wish to reach those who feel they have lost their way and are looking for healing and answers. Those who are looking to build a deep relationship with God, is another need that I wish to help guide this group through. One of the final needs I wish to be able to help with, is building a relationship with each and everyone of them. Some relationships may be long lasting, others may be for a short period of time. Either way, I will accept everyone with loving and open arms, caring for them through my ministry. Ministry can be a very powerful things, especially for those who are in need. With those I wish to reach, ministry will be what helps get them back on…

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