My Personal Statement Of Education: My Philosophy Of Elementary Education

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I have worked with children since high school and waited several years before becoming a teacher because I didn’t feel I fit the teacher mold. I believe children should have choices, be highly engaged and learn through inquiry. My personal childhood education was based on starting and finishing seatwork assignments. Later in life my son’s fourth grade teacher inspired me to earn my degree in Elementary Education. She helped me see that I could teach within my belief system with others who had the same passion.
My career is in its seventh year and my teaching philosophy has grown, changed and simplified. I have taught 2nd grade for 6 of these years, in this time I have learned more than I ever thought possible. I have teetered
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As an elementary building we have adopted Professional Learning Communities actively for over 3 years and we have found it enforces formative assessment, in turn drives instruction in a thorough and accountable manner. According to Wiggins and McTighe (2005), the work is structured; as a movement back and forth from content to performance and back again from discrete skill to strategy and back again. I think of this as spiraling or reviewing a learned skill and understanding it more deeply or in a new application. A great shift requires us to be aggressive in assessing as we teach, uncovering the learners’ understandings and misunderstandings along the way (Wiggins & McTighe, 2005). PLC’s for me as an educator is a safe place to share the results of the students’ learning. This holds me accountable for the learning of my students within a team of professionals that support me with resources, constructive criticism, and celebrations. Two coursework assignments helped to refine and clarify the work within a PLC, one was my personal reflection of PLC’s (Moving Forward in Our PLC, artifact 5) and the other was a power point used as a 4-month professional development to guide a neighboring school through PLC implementation( PLC ppt. artifact 9). Before my master studies I was …show more content…
When reading the title of my degree I was earning, Master of Education in Effective Teaching and Instructional Leadership I thought becoming more effective would be wonderful. Then slowly I started to recognize my strengths when working with associates, classroom teachers, professionals outside of the classroom, volunteers, and student teachers. This pushes me forward to continue my professional development and take on positions that support educators now and later in my career. My current plan is to become more involved at a whole school and district level, this graduate school coursework that included current issues in education revealed to me the importance of an educator’s voice. When six of us were working together on an improvement project for our school (We Can Make a Difference, artifact 10) we identified the need of increasing motivation in students with data that was gathered from a survey and developed ways to increase motivation for our students in data collection, conferences, community building and positive referral recognition. This project inspired me. I am learning that many decisions in education are made without teachers. Attending PTO, school board meetings and promoting teachers to advertise our positive progress will be my first year goal to be heard. Another goal of mine is to increase parent involvement in our school starting first with setting clear expectations of parents in my classroom.

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