My Personal Statement: My Philosophy Of Becoming A Teacher

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Growing up with an immigrant mother was never easy for me to get the help I needed because my mother really couldn’t help me with homework. She did try as much as she could to help and it was always known to me that I had to get good grades to keep going forward ,making sure I didn’t get held back for any reason . It was a struggle and so I started staying after school and getting help with homework or any subject I was having trouble with and my mother hired tutors to make sure I was on top of things, it was the best thing she did. My grades were perfect and my mother was happy and that made me happy. But it wasn’t always to keep my mother happy but my teachers as well. I always loved when my teachers would tell me how proud …show more content…
I want to be someone that teaches them that learning things is not always going to be easy but when learning whatever is being taught is the greatest thing ever. That is why a person goes into the profession not just to do their job but to push their students to be successful. I want my students to know that I’m always going to be there when they need anything because what my teachers did for me I don’t think I can thank them enough. Becoming a teacher is going to teach me so much because these kids have so much to say and they need someone to listen. It isn’t only teaching kids something but you have to listen to your students and when you give them that, they give you their attention and interest. When I observed for the last two semesters it was amazing because the kids made it so interesting the questions they had and the answers some gave. Not that I didn’t love it before but this made me love what I’m going to do even more because these kids are so smart and I’m going to be so exciting to start my life teaching . I want my students to remember me as not just a teacher but as I did to my teachers like a parent figure. I want them to always come back to me in the future and tell me what they did in life what colleges they went to or what careers they are in. I don’t want to ever make my students feel like I don’t care once they leave I want them to know that I’m always going to be there. It’s my passion and so this isn’t a job it’s my

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