My Personal Statement For Pediatric Mental Health Care Essay

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Exploring unfamiliar places has always given me an odd sense of comfort. One could attribute this comfort to my natural desire to explore new places, encounter new people, and sample new foods. Kansas, a picturesque state with rolling hills and sunsets that make your appreciation grow every absent night, will always hold a piece of my heart. Difficulty can arise when explaining my next adventure to my family that wants me to remain in rural Kansas forever, but I never wish to offend my home state with my desire to reach beyond the mundane.
When I identify myself as a Psychology major, it comes as a surprise to people. My loved-ones know of my wanderlust and assume my future lies in an international career. However, my aspiration is to work in pediatric mental health care. I plan to pursue a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology to help struggling children understand and cope with their illnesses. This aspiration is somewhat new, as five years ago, had someone asked what my future held, I would have returned a blank stare. The past few years have truly made me stronger and wiser, as I battled a bout of depression and anxiety my senior year of high school. Now that I am aware of the immense impact mental disorders can have on children and adolescents, I aim to dedicate my education to the subject, so that in the future I can advocate for pediatric mental health care by diagnosing and treating struggling children.
While abroad, I will complete the requirements for my B.A. in Psychology,…

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