My Personal Statement For My Life Essay

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My Personal Statement For most of my life I did not know what I wanted to be. Sure I would decide on a career that I thought I would like, but once I did some research about that career I would quickly become discourage and decide that career is not for me. Schools often push their students to decide on their careers at such an early age. So I had pressure from my school, my friends, my family, even myself as to what career I wanted to pursue. I have considered many careers that I wanted to pursue up until now.
Beginning from the time I was little up present day I have considered being a singer, a dolphin trainer, a veterinarian, a vet technician, an accountant, an elementary teacher, and a psychologist. As a kid, I would love to sing so I thought why not be a singer when I grew up. Then reality set in when my parents told me that it was a bad idea so I decided to become a dolphin trainer. I was fascinated with dolphins and the oceans, but I later decided that it was not for me.
I, then, became interested in cats and dogs and wanted to become a veterinarian. I grew up with cats and dogs and loved working with them, but then I learned that veterinarian school is really competitive, even more competitive than medical school. So I decided that I wanted to be a vet technician; I would need to get an associates degree, I would not have as much responsibility as the veterinarian, and I could still work with the animals that I loved. However, I lost interest in this career to I…

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