My Personal Statement For Education Essays

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Given my related experience as well as my deep interest in teaching in a women’s college to reach, support, serve and empower your diverse population of students, I believe that I am an excellent candidate for this position. As an immigrant and Latina I moved to the United States with my husband and three children in 2001. I was the only member of the family that spoke English, albeit I had never lived in this country and perceived it as equally foreign and new compared to anything I had experienced before. Since, I managed to go back to school and support my children’s education navigating the public school system all the way through graduate school while trying to make a living with my husband. I understand what it’s like to go from utterly confused and ‘lost in translation’ to figuring out ways to find mentors and teachers that would guide us in receiving and completing an education. I have been a painter for more than thirty years, but it was in coming to the United States that I was able to become an artist that knows and understands why she paints.
I am an educator because I want others to know how to get where they dream they might, because in my own hardship I learnt those paths such as figuring out what it takes to be a skilled painter, to having the patience to develop ideas into a unique voice. To attend art school in San Francisco starting as a freshman has given me invaluable insight on who the young and diverse artists of today are. I knew I needed to…

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