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My full name is Genevieve Kenmore Sanders, but I usually go by Genny. I am a sophomore, and in my free time, I like hiking with my dog Cake, reading books that challenge me and/or make me look at the world in a different way, and hanging out with my friends. I am an opinions editor for the school newspaper, the Wolfpacket, and I love pushing the boundaries of what we typically publish by running more risky articles that will encourage strong feedback, positive or negative, from the rest of the school. One of my favorite sentences to hear is, “Someone wants to write a letter to the editor,” because it means I have successfully done my job in inspiring enough passion in the reader to want to respond to the article in question. Outside of the …show more content…
My mother and brothers all bleed the 49ers’ colors of red and gold, and growing up in my home, Superbowl Sunday was given the same reverence as holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving, maybe even more. After years of sitting in on their intense game days, I gained a rough understanding of the game. I always thought it was interesting, but was too easily distracted to devote myself to learning the rules and different plays - although to be fair, I was 9 and had the attention span of a goldfish. Six years later, my interest in the sport is still strong, and now I finally have enough self-discipline to sit still long enough to learn more about it. I hope to create a much better understanding of the game through this manager position, and in turn, I feel like I could offer the program a significant amount of attention and energy. I would take the time to learn the plays I need to know and teach them to the other football managers if necessary. Additionally, I have all As academically, so I’m in a place where I could help tutor football players if they need help in the subjects I’m taking. In order to learn about the game of football, I’m willing to put a large amount of time, energy, and attention to fulfill my job as a manager to the best of my

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