My Personal Role Heading Into The Production Of The Kernel Of Lies

1589 Words May 22nd, 2016 7 Pages
My personal role heading into the production of “Kernel of Lies” was essentially to handle all the post-production as well as some voice-acting. This involved several steps from bringing the script, storyboard and VO assets together, modifying the animatic’s timing based on feedback, re-recording some of the VO and sending it to the animators before editing all the material afterwards. I spent some time speaking with the animators about what was achievable in post-production and the best ways to reach an ideal result, with the next step being to receive the source files, colour grade them, run the graded clips through further effects, adjusting the timing and then re-synchronising with the animatic. I’d ideally like to extend the final result beyond 90 seconds, because the script was 3 pages long, and the result is currently very condensed.
The first step was to grab the animatic from Bridget and convert it to a first-draft for submission. I only received the source files the night prior to submission so it was a bit rushed, though there was plenty of time to create something more usable for the animators. The images weren’t timed to any audio, so I had to manually synchronise all the voiceovers within the 90 second limit and I had to cut some of the frames because it would have been far too many scenes to animate.
I then took the animatic as it was for refinement, cutting out some of the drawings, recording a fresh VO for Steve (Michael did the original performance) and…

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