My Personal Reflection Paper

877 Words Dec 18th, 2015 4 Pages
Once I found my topic it became easier, and went straight into work. I asked the people closest to me their personal experiences on coming to the United States. I was really proud of the way I told the personal stories. I tried my best to portray their personalities and experiences into my paper. My goal for my audience was to create an understanding towards immigrants. In my Writing 104 class for this semester our first topic was a literacy memoir. I decided to write about a previous paper I had written about. I felt that it was easier and harder at times. It was easier because I had all the information that I needed to write the paper. All I had to do was write the paper in a different type of form, which was actually the hard part. I found myself going back to writing my original paper rather than a literacy memoir about the paper. The most helpful advices given to me were fixing my introduction paragraph and closing paragraphs. I was trying to rush everything and cramp every detail I wrote on the original paper into the literacy paper. Another helpful advice given to me was adding more actions and feelings towards writing the paper for the TD summer program writing class. Once I revised and corrected those mistakes I was ready to summit. In my fourth writing assignment for my writing class was a profile. I wrote my profile on my mom, Aracely. In the beginning of this assignment I had no idea who I was going to write about. When I went to class last week and we…

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