Essay about My Personal Reflection On My Life

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Throughout my life, my greatest influences have come from people who have never given up on me. These people have influenced me the most because they not only share their wisdom with me, but they have also driven me to work harder to reach my potential. Though it took me a while to see their effect me, their perseverance, hard work, and belief in me has always been my inspiration to strive towards higher goals, and has also made me realize how I have to overcome my own weaknesses to make my dreams a reality.

My very first great influential encounter was with my piano teacher, Janette. She was my very first piano teacher for as long as I could remember until she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Despite her struggles, she was the first person to ever inspire me to set a goal for myself. At the time when I met her, I was at an age where I was very loyal to my parents and I didn’t understand the concept of thinking for myself. My parents had always made the executive decisions in my life, and I had always gone along with whatever path they put me on. This summed up my childhood, but when I met my teacher, she gave me a goal to aim at, and inspired me to see how far I could go in music. One of the many things that I admired about her so much, was that she had always given me motivation to work harder. She never criticized me because I was so young, but she did push me a lot. She would always help me and give me whatever motivation, it took for me to reach my potential.…

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