My Personal Reflection On My Life Essay

1280 Words Oct 1st, 2015 null Page
While these experiences were difficult to face, they were the first steps toward forming deep value for loving and caring for people, especially marginalized groups. While at a young age my values were primarily products of my cultural background, my spiritual journey began to have the most impact on my values as I matured. I grew up in a practicing Christian family, but I did not begin to act upon my faith until I was a freshman in high school. In the final months of my freshman year, I lost all of my friends and fell into a state of depression and anxiety for the next five months. It was during those months that I became aware of my desperate need for God and really began to pursue a relationship with him. After I emerged from my time of depression I began to shift my focus to learning how to serve others. I went on several mission trips with my church, but eventually began to question whether or not the trips were actually beneficial to the people that we were supposedly serving. These questions led me to come to Baylor and try to pursue a degree in social work in hopes to develop skill sets that would help me serve in a practical and truly beneficial way. Once at Baylor, I developed my current set of values. Because I was no longer surrounded by the comforts of a support system of my family, friends, and church I had to intentionally seek these things out. My relationship with God became priority and learning how to find and live within a community became a part of…

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