Reflection On Profiling

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On reflection, my own personal experience of profiling and my ESFJ profile seem remarkably accurate and directly reflected my personal development plan. The professional development plan also considers learning style. According to the test from VARK, I am a highly Aural Learne who ‘learns by listening’. I surprised and agree with the outcome which suggested me to use different methods to improve my learning style. Strategies to have much more balanced in a study like discussing, talking, questioning and recalling for Aural Learner. In fact, using the recorder for remembering tutorials and discussion in the class is my study method in usually because I realize that I am poor in make note. The recording is definitely helping me for review the …show more content…
I refer to the effective learning from “Kolb”. It’s divided into 4 stages and helps me to consider my learning method by my working experience:

1. Concrete Experience
2. Reflective Observation
3. Abstract Conceptualization
4. Active Experimentation

“Effective learning is seen when a person progresses through a cycle of four stages…..” (Kolb, 2013) What do I need to get there?

I notice that my education background and English level may not satisfy for the class and career use in the future. I realize that I am a highly motivate student and designer. I believe that because of my unique, I can change myself, my education background, my career, my social network and my lifestyle from this program of Professional Development.

First and foremost, enhance me to archive the goals, training and daily practice the language by on-line lesson including verbally, visually and writing. Feel confident if I can handle all different presentation by my fluent English in the future.

Moreover, well planning my daily schedule including study, work, family, gathering, excise and the rest with comfortable balance because work & study are tough at the same

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