Essay about My Personal Professional Development As A Teacher

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Introduction Throughout the past four weeks we have been working on our own action research issue. I choose to research the factors behind why there are less female students taking higher level science courses during their junior and senior years of high school. Each week we added on new elements of action research starting with the questions, research purpose and literature reviews, to methodology, data analysis and communicating our findings. This course really opened my eyes to action research and what it can really do for my personal professional development as a teacher. As teachers, we are constantly looking at data and adjusting to our students’ needs. We are forever learners in this profession and wanting to continue to be better teachers, so by using action research in our professional development we would do just that.
As we went through the weeks of this course, we learned more and more about action research and how there are parts that we do already without even knowing it. Using action research within our school can improve our school and our individual practices. Action research is done by us, those that are most affected by it and this research main focus is to encourage some type of change. We can do action research as an individual, as a professional learning team (PLT), or as a whole school. This research can be focused on almost anything that we find to be an issue or problem we are facing. It just needs to be a problem we can research and…

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