My Personal Platform Or Philosophy Of Leadership Essay

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My personal platform or philosophy of Leadership in Education stems from my love of children. I truly feel, in order to be successful in education, you must have a love of children and a passion for seeing them succeed. As an administrator, you need to show the same passion for the success of your school as a whole.
As administrators, the first thing we must protect is instructional time in the classroom. By making instructional time a focus of your leadership, you convey this importance to your teachers. Instructional leadership begins by continually offering professional development to your staff in the form of weekly PLCs or workshops that enhances teacher performance in the classroom. I also feel that as the administrator, I should continue to learn and never forget what it is like to be in the classroom. One thing I would like to do as a principal is to teach classes each nine weeks. I feel this will keep me humble and in touch with what my teachers deal with in the classroom on a daily basis. One complaint I hear most often is that admin has forgotten what it was like to be in the classroom, I will strive to never lose touch with being a teacher.
In my instructional focus, I cannot forget the need for data that supports what we are doing as a school. Data driven instruction in all classrooms is vital to growth and allows us to see where we are deficient. As the administrator it will be up to me to make sure that all instructors are using assessments that truly…

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