My Personal Philosophy Statement For Teaching Early Childhood Education

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My Professional Philosophy Statement

My personal belief, in regards to teaching early childhood education has three primary components. First of all, I believe it begins with creating a safe and caring atmosphere for young children to learn. Secondly, as an early childhood educator I also place a value on teaching a child developmentally appropriate practices. Finally, making an effort to teach about a child’s family culture, values, beliefs, or expectations assists me to make their experience meaningful through family involvement. I have a goal to establish a learning competence within each individual child by providing these factors. Families allow early educators to care for their children and want them to have pleasant experiences when they themselves cannot be there. I believe having center standards and regulations in place, is comforting for all who entrust their children into our care. Appropriate adult to child ratios are enforced, so that every child’s need is met. Keeping an environment free from physical dangers is another way to show our dedication to caring for the families loved ones. Early childhood educators also create a safe and caring environment through effective teaching.
Developmentally appropriate practices are part of the curriculum that I teach. Its framework is designed to promote young children’s optimal learning and development. It consists of three core considerations. The first being the knowledge of what is typical for each age and stage of…

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