My Personal Philosophy On Teaching And Student Learning And My Co Teacher 's Is Incredible

1310 Words Oct 20th, 2016 6 Pages
I have had an eye opening experience in my facilitating school this semester. The vast difference between my own personal philosophy on teaching and student learning and my co-teacher’s is incredible.
The target students have struggled with keeping attention during lecture. My co-teachers answer to this problem is repetition. She says the same thing over and over to them until they hear it in their sleep. This lesson allowed me to try and integrate something a little more engaging. I realized early on that the target class has an interest in music and poetry. Utilizing the poem coupled with the activity of laying out each transaction appeared to really make a difference without the need for repeating a phrase or point several times. I don’t think I could become, or even want to become anything like the teacher this 17 year veteran of the public school system has become. I’m sure the students gain knowledge from her and are able to progress into third grade, she is friendly and caring to her students thought of having to go to work every day and formulaically work your way through a reading book and a math book while setting the bar for education just high enough to keep most the class at a A or B average, while simultaneously falsifying one on one sessions to gain special help for the bottom 15 % to get them extra help makes me want to find a new career.
The major trouble I had with my lesson would have been with my choice of pre-assessment, this assessment was difficult to…

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