My Personal Philosophy Of The High School Essay

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When deciding what you want to do post high school, you must take a serious look in the mirror and not only evaluate what you are good at, but what you want to do with your life. Some say do what makes you happy. Others say do what will make you the most money. I was lucky enough that my major holds true to both of these ideals. It is a competitive world, especially in a business environment. That sense of being a competitor is one of the driving reasons behind me wanting to attain my MBA and get a business related degree in college. I grew up with my father always telling me to be the best that I possible could, to strive for greatness. I carried this mentality when I was young in sports, and luckily that attitude transitioned into the classroom and in the workplace once I became an upperclassmen in high school. I had always struggled with science, and writing was hit or miss, but the one class that I excelled in was personal finance. I was blessed in the fact that I had one of the best business teachers in America working at my school, in fact she was named the best teacher in Rhode Island in 2014. She encouraged my interest in business, and helped me decide that I want to pursue the industry and get a degree in the area. The main “skill” that employers look for in a business student is a degree ( “Search Fidelity Job Openings,” n.d.). At the end of the day, you will not be able to walk through the door and gain any credibility without one. Past the degree which is an…

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