My Personal Philosophy Of Special Education Essay

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Special Education “In the field of special education, it has proven how students with a disability has a chance to achieve in learning; like others without disability or special need. Foremost, they have the right to education, and get to be in a classroom like a normal student. “As described in the article Why your school should have a Peer-To-Peer Program; it explains how Peer-to-peer is a volunteer program linking general education peers with students who have disabilities to support these students throughout the school day.” (H. (2013). However, being a teacher in the special education field has helped me being good at what I do; and helped. Developing my own personal philosophy has helped me become a better teacher, and instill confidence in what I am teaching. The following paper will address my personal philosophy of special education in regards to the purpose of schooling, the nature of learners, curriculum, instructional methods, classroom management, assessments and community involvement.
Purpose of Schooling
The purpose of schooling is to get the students involved, and interact with their peers; also, to gain new knowledge. Foremost, the purpose of schooling, is to get the students prepared for the real world; and chose a career for the future. More likely, the purpose of schooling is to get the students involved and ready to learn; new information. Also, it lets the students, all get the same education and get treated the same; when it comes to getting their…

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