Philosophy Of Wellbeing And Communication

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My Personal Philosophy of Wellbeing and Communication
The wellbeing of patients and communication are the two most important aspects guiding my nursing career. The combination of these tenets will challenge me most throughout my career but will also change and impact my life the most significantly. The wellbeing of the patients I see each day is the number one priority in this job and great communication will lead me there. To achieve my goal of tending to the wellbeing of my patients, I will use my confidence, knowledge, and compassion to make patients comfortable and to gain the experience I need and desire to be a high-quality nurse. These attributes will guide me throughout the remainder of nursing school and into the hospital with
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These aspects of my philosophy will always be the most important aspects. However, what may be influenced throughout my career is how I will communicate and how I will treat the wellbeing of my patients due to policy changes, nursing news, theorists, or the metaparadigm. But a characteristic of a working professional is to be flexible and be able to “go with the flow”. I will attempt to achieve this outlook through my philosophy which focuses on the patients and communication.
Malleability of my Philosophy My philosophy is a defined philosophy guided by first and foremost the wellbeing of my patients. To help me decide how to handle those patients’ wellbeing, I will need tools like the metaparadigm, governmental policies, and understanding of nursing theorists, but ultimately communication. I understand that my philosophy may change throughout my practice based on the experience I gain and based upon my assessment of my actions in certain situations that could be improved or how I can treat patients more expertly depending on new policy changes set up by the federal government.
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Patients’ wellbeing will guide my philosophy throughout my nursing career. To assist in providing service to patients’ to treat their wellbeing, I will need to employ the communication skills put forth by the Institute of Medicine in all aspects of my work. My knowledge of past theorists and the metaparadigm have helped shaped my philosophy into placing such importance onto communication. I will also need to keep in touch with the congressional happenings so that I can keep up with the changing of laws that govern the medical

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