My Personal Philosophy Of Nursing Essays

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A personal nursing philosophy involves one’s beliefs, principles, and values with direct practice. My personal philosophy began with attempting to answer some questions, such as, "what does nursing mean to me," and "what is the subject matter of nursing science." In order to define my personal philosophy of nursing.

2. Conceptual Central Concerns of Nursing
Nursing is characterized by holistic, empathetic and culturally sensitive care to all patients and their relatives. It is important to be a patient advocate, provider, teacher, and counselor because I think that we as nurses should deliver the highest quality of nursing care in order to accomplish positive patient outcomes. To me, nursing is about compassion and trying to understand human beings on all emotional, physical, and scientific levels. As a future nurse, I feel a personal commitment towards life-long learning, through education in the classroom and hands-on experience during clinicals, to better myself and my understanding of the nursing knowledge. My personal belief system has always been to be compassionate and caring. In the nursing profession you need to have compassion and caring for your patients and their families. You are not only caring for the patient 's physical health, but also their emotional needs. For example, I work in a nursing home where sometimes I take care of chronically ill patients, and there are a lot of complicated emotional issues that need to be addressed. I find these patients, once…

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