My Personal Philosophy Of Nursing Essay

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My Personal Nursing Philosophy
An enhanced understanding of patients develops from personal discovery and being self-aware (Durgahee, 1996). I believe that it is of utmost importance for nurses to understand themselves as well as the patients they are providing care to. When caring for others, nurses should be sensitive to their needs, desires, and especially their cultural beliefs and practices.
My personal philosophy of nursing is established from three tenants: caring, competency, and comfort. Based on these tenants, the three theorists that resonate closely with me are Jean Watson, Patricia Benner, and Katharine Kolcaba.
Three Major Tenets of My Personal Nursing Philosophy
Caring, in my opinion, is the foundation of nursing. It was not hard for caring to become my top tenant, because it is inherent. Most everything that a nurse does revolves around caring for a patient. The majority of nurses I have encountered seem to possess innate care instincts that transcend beyond their job taking care of people and into their life with loved ones and strangers alike. Caring involves taking care of one’s basic needs, providing comfort, teaching, enabling spiritual and cultural practices, listening, as well as many other patient specific needs.
The knowledge and skills that a nurse possess should always be growing in evolving. Nurses must maintain knowledge of patient assessment, clinical skills, Anatomy and Physiology, pharmacology, knowledge…

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