Why I Want To Pursue A Nursing Profession

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I chose nursing as my profession because nursing is a noble, honored field where you can affect people 's lives in a positive manner. My personal philosophy is that I want to help people get better. Now, whether that be physically, emotionally, or passing on into the next life peacefully; I want to do it all. As nurses we are the patient’s advocate, protection against medical error, and sounding boards. I want to represent who I take care and do good for them. Right now I am learning and studying hard so I can know how to help my patients. Specifically I am figuring out: what to say, what to do, proper medical techniques, and medical knowledge. Every human deserves proper unbiased medical care and as a nurse I am going to make sure all my patients get the proper care no matter what. Becoming a patient advocate is one of the main reasons I choose to pursue nursing. Overall, I choose nursing as a profession to help patients benefit physically, emotionally, and cognitively. I believe that the core of nursing is properly treating patients medically and emotionally. Nurses spend the most time with …show more content…
Secondly, with my patients families I must communicate with them when allowed and keep them in the loop because people worry. As a nurse I will try to not only help the patient but their family as well. Also, I will treat my fellow healthcare professionals with respect all the time. Additionally, with my own health I will make sure to keep healthy and to look out for myself as well during my nursing career. Finally, I will do all of the above to live out my nursing philosophy in regards to my patients, my patients’ families, my fellow healthcare professionals, and my own

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