My Personal Philosophy Of Life Essay

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Individual Presentation Unit
Personal Philosophy of Life

There are two religious beliefs in my family, Muslim and Christianity. It is understood by our family members that we express our differences of religious beliefs in a loving and respectful manner. In some ways, Muslim and Christian faith are very similar because they both are family oriented. In comparison, followers of both religions observe traditional festivals and holidays Muslims celebrate the nineth month of fasting called Ramadon Some Christians bring in the new year by observing the first of the month to fast. Christians celebrate the birth of Christ during the month of December, whereas some Muslims celebrate the birthday of the prophet Muhammad during the festival of Mawlid an-Nabi. I chose Christianity as a way of life as a young adult. I was introduced to Pentacostal fundamentals by attending church services at an early age with my family however, I could honestly say that I was not forced into accepting Jesus as my personal Savior. Muslims believe that Jesus was a prophet like Muhamad, however, I disagree, in my opinion, Jesus is God’s son. I do agree, however that our souls will live forever. How do I know this? Because I believe in God’s word. The Holy Bible, states that in Psalms 49:9 that he shall live forever, and not see corruption. ( ) . (Davies-Stofka) claims that Islam teaches that God created humans from clay…

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