Essay about My Personal Philosophy Of Education

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Philosophy of Education I believe helping students learn and grow is my purpose in life. Education helps prepare students for the real world. When students become young adults, they can help contribute to society by having a job and giving back to their community. Education is a vital part of each individual 's life, we need to look to the education team in finding ways to make education better. Each team member has a role to play. The role of the student is to attend school and learn new information that they can apply to their lives. Teachers are responsible for meeting the needs of every learner and ensuring continual growth for students. A paraprofessional, an assistant to the teacher and students, forms a bond with the education team to carry out the task of educating the students. The community plays a major role in education by providing resources and support for the educators and guardians. Parents should send their children to school ready to learn and offer guidance at home to reinforce what is being taught at school. The purpose of education is to provide every student with the skills and abilities he or she needs in order to become an independent learner. According to the existentialism philosophy, the teacher’s role is to guide students to think for themselves (Huerta, 2009). In education, we have to teach children how to think critically and how to solve problems on their own. Students are like sponges and absorb information very quickly. They are eager to…

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