Essay about My Personal Philosophy Of Education

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A personal philosophy of education statement usually addresses multiple aspects of teaching, such as desired learning outcomes, instructional techniques, and ways students will be assessed (“Teaching Methods,” n.d.). As I develop my personal philosophy of education, I find myself reflecting on what the goals of education should truly be. I look at what teaching methods have been the most successful for both myself and my students over the last 20 years of my teaching career and what are my preferred educative practices. This is employing the inductive method (Knight, 2008). Understanding my role in educating children is important to developing my philosophy. Working with preschool age students, I believe in facilitating learning through hands-on learning activities and allowing children the chance to explore and ask questions to find answers. I recognize that there is importance in both teacher-led learning and giving numerous opportunities for children to explore their own ideas, play with various toys and materials, as well as use their imagination and creativity allowing them to learn through first-hand experiences. My educational philosophy statement should be a document that serves to guide and inspire me throughout my teaching career (“Teaching Methods,” n.d.). After reading about student-centered philosophies that are more focused on individual needs, present-day relevance, and preparing students for the future, I feel that using these philosophies is the best…

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