My Personal Philosophy Of Education Essay

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The purpose of education should be to provide meaningful learning opportunities to extend a student’s knowledge, strengths and capabilities attained through their social environment to empower them to embrace their future, where they feel confident and valued in society. It is through guidance and the development of relationships between students and teachers that provide those meaningful learning opportunities that broaden and expand a student’s competence. Formal education provides learning experiences as a foundation for developing values, skills and knowledge, allowing children to communicate and interact more effectively to become lifelong learners. In discussing my personal philosophy, I will elaborate on the purpose of education, address the role of the teacher and learner and explain the methods of teaching practices needed to support my purpose of education. I will provide justification with links to the theorists who support or oppose my personal philosophy.
Purpose of education
The educative process begins from birth through social learning and continually shapes an individual, forming his characteristics, knowledge and emotions. Through modelling by parents and significant others, children start to develop a repertoire of knowledge attained through their social environment. Plato would likely debate this notion, as he believed that knowledge is innate and children begin life with intrinsic knowledge (Gutek, 2011). Although I recognise that children are born…

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