My Personal Philosophy Of Education Essay

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In this paper, I will define my personal philosophy of education insofar as what education’s place is in society and the manner in which it serves students. I will also supplement how William James and Aristotle helped shape my philosophy this term and where I agree or disagree with them. After that, I will cover the ways in which I find education essentially progressive and schools essentially conservative, as well as how James and Aristotle would have agreed or disagreed in terms of whether education is progressive/conservative versus whether education should be progressive/conservative. My personal philosophy of education is thus: the primary goal of education should be to educate its students in order to shape citizens of the world that think critically and considerately in regards to their society and surroundings. Education should develop students’ thinking processes so that they may consider issues and tackle problems themselves; education should create thinkers who create their own ideas of the world and the direction it should go in, rather than simply accepting one version of reality without question. Furthermore, education should instill good character in students, such that they live their lives considerately and react to the demands of living responsibly and well. Education should be the tool with which the future is shaped, and it should shape the future so that each generation does better for the world and humankind than the last. Whether humankind advances…

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