My Personal Philosophy Of Education Essay example

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When asked which teachers have made an impact on me, I choose these teachers very wisely. I reflect upon the way the teacher(s) instructed their class, how they made me feel about learning. I do this because, they have in some way shaped my thoughts, beliefs, and feelings of education. Today, I take these experiences to create my philosophy of education. What I believe to be the purpose of education, how my students will learn, and what my student’s role, and my role as a teacher in the classroom, forms a philosophy will be my own believes that will impact my students. Each teacher and experience I have had in education has used the four educational philosophies. Understanding Perennialism, Essentialism, Romanticism, and Progressivism have been part of my education unknowingly and are now shaping my philosophy of education. The purpose of education is to educate students to become life long learner who become contributors to society. My instruction will use teaching techniques that will allow students to interact with one another. I have observed many great teachers. This passed year, I observed a sixth grade teacher. She used many beliefs of Perennialism. She believed she was the export and taught to intellect. By doing this her class was well structure. Her students were able to have class discussion. The teacher would began the discussion, but the students would guide the discussion. I was astonished by this because students would disagree and also understand the…

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