Essay about My Personal Philosophy Of Education

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My Personal Philosophy of Education
There are numerous reasons to become an educator some are appropriate and some are not. Many teachers, coaches, and administrators have influenced me over my academic career, and have helped to mold my philosophy of education. It was a church trip working with children that I finally knew this is exactly what I wanted to do with my life. Since then I have sat and thought what made me chose this profession. The reasons that I chose this profession are to push children to do their best, the feeling I got when I did teach a child, and to help a child be more independent.
In the video we watched “What Teachers Make” Mr. Mali said he “can make a C plus feel like a congressional medal oh honor, and an A minus feel like a slap in the face.” This completely sums up one of my biggest feelings about education. There will be some children who can do amazing A plus work, and if they are capable of that I will not settle for anything less than that. On the other hand some students who give their very best can only make high Cs. If I truly believe that they did the best they could I will praise and encourage that student as much as I can. I will try to get individual time to work with that student and fix the confusion, but too many teachers embarrass or get mad at students who try as hard as they can because of the grade they make. I truly believe that children do not really know what they are capable of. Too many times in education we just accept…

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